04 December, 2023

Another friend has left us

 My first meet with Thomas was long time ago, around 1978-79, when they was on tour in Norrland and did rent some audio gear from me, and we spend some time together later on in Stockholm when I moved down. At that time I did not know that many people there, and with Rolf Scherrer, a great guitar player that I become friend with, Thomas invited me to play and jam in the studio and just made me feel very welcome in the big city. And we did kept the contact, some years sometime between, but when it happened it was like yesterday, Thomas was such a nice person, one of a kind. And we shared the petrol heads things, old cars and he was very good at weld and fix with that. He was as his instrument, the bass, rock solid person.

Hope we meet again, wherever we will be after our time here, hopefully a great place...........

10 September, 2023

Another important person has left us, Pelle Piano ,a genius in my mind

 It is very sad that Pelle Piano, a person that was a good friend and a magic genius whatever he digged into in the life and the world we both happens to be on in our lives , at the same time!

I am happy and proud to had know him, and it will leave a scar in my heart that he is gone now forever.

Pelle, the musician, the photo genius, the artist, the owner of a strange mind that worked well with my.

Pelle, I am sure that where you are now, you will do magic again......

10 July, 2022

Missed and never forgotten.....

A friend, a special person that been a big part of my time here in life, has left us to early.
His amazing mind of ideas made us friends, in good times and in bad times.

I will miss you very much, I hope that you know that.........


08 September, 2021

27 July, 2019

the Peppe & the Popping Peanuts

 The old band, and great and strange memories around that period in the 70´s, fun part in my life.....

some other pics collected on that, but in Swedish Peppe & the Popping Peanuts

30 November, 2018

My best friend is gone

 Bertil " BB " Grip, my best friend here on my visit here in life, the longtime friend in arms has after long time fighting with illness lost that fight to our big sadness.....

Our time together here was long and great and I not regret a second of that, and hope that he have his Telecaster tuned up there. Our dreams on building the best Telecaster ever, made us start our project blues caster.com and I will carry that rest of my time.

Always remembered, always in our hearts, BB, I miss you very much as I think you know......

23 June, 2014

18 June, 2014

Posing with guitar

 Kee Marcello with Gibson Art-O-Matic guitar

18 March, 2014

Vernissage 2014 Stockholm April

Gallery Draken 12-24 April Gamla Stan Stockholm Welcome for a visit at Österlånggatan 25 for a view of the artworks, will be there myself some moments and will be happy to tell you and show you the guitars and artwork. Also it will be 23-24 a Avecíssage until 21.00

06 October, 2013

A custom artwork for a good friend and very skilled guitarplayer

A guitar work, Kee Marcellos beloved Gibson Les Paul designed to fit him also in a artistic look. I think the shattered white pattern and his star that is used in his covers and art was fitting well, also a customized perloid inlays design was added to make it complete.

also seem is when Kee used another of my Gibson Art Guitars at Atelier, and one of the Tele´s at Fuzz