23 June, 2014

18 June, 2014

Posing with guitar

 Kee Marcello with Gibson Art-O-Matic guitar

18 March, 2014

Vernissage 2014 Stockholm April

Gallery Draken 12-24 April Gamla Stan Stockholm Welcome for a visit at Österlånggatan 25 for a view of the artworks, will be there myself some moments and will be happy to tell you and show you the guitars and artwork. Also it will be 23-24 a Avecíssage until 21.00

06 October, 2013

A custom artwork for a good friend and very skilled guitarplayer

A guitar work, Kee Marcellos beloved Gibson Les Paul designed to fit him also in a artistic look. I think the shattered white pattern and his star that is used in his covers and art was fitting well, also a customized perloid inlays design was added to make it complete.

also seem is when Kee used another of my Gibson Art Guitars at Atelier, and one of the Tele´s at Fuzz

03 September, 2013

21 February, 2013

My beloved mother is not around any more....

I had a mother that was one of a kind, I really do miss her and her great spirit...Always a smile and I always continue to be her little boy! A was happy that she was able to be "old granny" and had time to see her great- grandchild getting one year old.

08 February, 2013

Chris and a guitar

A perfect match, a good looking guy with a good looking guitar.... Great Country Rock guy that just released his debut album, Chris Lindberg. Check him out!!

04 December, 2012

A absolut lounge evening....

Backa Hans, a legend a a very nice man, more solid ground is hard to find....
Kee, as a Gibson man he needs to play Gibson...
Some deeper looks into the exposed guitars and paintings....
 photos by Hasse Linden
photos by Anders Gerdlind

06 March, 2012

Fuzz gGuitar show 5-6 May Gothenburg

Hope to see you there.........
Great first day, people seems interested in this on a guitar show, I´m very suprised since I expected a more mellow flow in my corner, my old and dear friends Anders and Kee is playing a little for getting people in the right mode!
Yes,.....as it should be, the show ended up in a purchase of a wish....
Me, Anders Glantz and Jesper on the fuzz show

21 February, 2012

The Jesper / Peppe project

Will at the same time invite Jesper Eriksson to show some of his guitars, I have myself let him make a body and where I will
together with Anders fulfill this piece of art, some discussions was up regarding the bindings and colors, but we solved this as gentlemens.
This is the result of this very nice guitar, jumbo frets (TT), my own steel pickguard, my own relic parts and a wave of love!
As this one is a very special project, it is not for sale.
To see more of Jesper´s art, check out: www.jerspereriksson.nu

Here are some previews of it´s birth: